Crisis – Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and the Coronavirus

And the Lord who is your leader, he himself will be with thee: he will not leave thee, nor forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed

Deuteronomy 31:8

Jesus Christ is Lord over the coronavirus, and He is All-Loving and All-Mighty. Pray for His guidance and protection, and you will have it.

Mother Mary is mother of Jesus Christ and all of us. Mother Mary has the ear of Jesus. What she asks of the Lord, she receives. Jesus  gave us His Mother to be our Mother from the Cross, so that she could intercede to Him for us with our prayer perfected by her. The moment she hears her name, Mary doesn’t walk but runs to our aid. Say the Hail Mary or pray the rosary each day, and you will obtain the protection and guidance of Jesus Christ!

Prayer – After Every Sunday Mass 3 min. for Pro-Life

Take a powerful stance for Pro-Life. The Seven Sorrows of Mary is compelling in it’s own right, but combined with prayer before the Blessed Sacrament from which infinite love and mercy emanate 24/7, the Seven Sorrows is an unstoppable force in the fight against abortion.

This prayer card is available for free if you send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Dream – Glowing Footsteps

I saw her at the top of the hill near Notre Dame School. She motioned for me to follow her. She was dressed in all white, and I didn’t know who she was at the time. She was just a tiny, beautiful girl dressed all in white with a white kerchief on her head. She started down the steep hill on the side of the school. As she went, her footsteps glowed and made a little path for me to follow. We rounded the corner at the bottom, and I saw Notre Dame Church. It was then that I knew where she was headed and I said to myself, “Oh, she’s Mother Mary.”

She went into the church and led me down the side aisle where she pointed to the tabernacle. She had an urgent look on her face which seemed to suggest that if I didn’t get it—that it was important—I’d miss an awful lot, somehow. At the time, being not too religious, I didn’t know who lived in the tabernacle. When I got older, though, and had my conversion from sometimes Catholic to full-blown Catholic, I learned about it and visited my dear Jesus many times there.Dream – Glowing Footstepsinheritclosedclosed74-revision-v1™¥ð2

Marian Days – The Annunciation – March 25

Although I am unworthy and unable to write on the Annunciation with any authority, I will share my thoughts and what I’ve heard about this  magnificent feast day. It is the day that the Angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she was chosen by God to be the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Savior of the World. Mary said to Angel Gabriel :Fiat Mihi Secundum Verbum tuum or Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to Thy Word.

At the center of the Annunciation is Mary’s yes to God, and her yes became the fulcrum of the universe. It is the central point upon which we all depend. Without Mary’s yes to being the Mother of Jesus Christ, there would be no salvation for us. No Mass. No sacraments. No Catholic Church. No Enlightenment. There would be no Jesus;  He wouldn’t be with us. Mary didn’t know this when she said yes to God, she only knew to love Him with all her heart, mind, and soul, and do His Will at all times.

During her life, Mary’s “yes” didn’t look like it had meant much. She lived in poverty. When Our Lord Jesus Christ, her Son, came to manhood, He began to preach and wander the desert with some poor men devoid of any kind of status. It’s true that He performed  many miracles and left them in his wake, but He was crucified for it—the worst, humiliating death for bottom-of-the-barrel criminals. Yes, not only did her “yes” look like nothing, but she suffered indescribably for it at the foot the Cross of her dearest only Son. A Son who was perfect. A Son who was God.  It is not by accident that the Annunciation always lands in Lent. Her “yes” had its grave shadow.

Then, why should we say, “yes” to God if we will end up suffering for it? The answer is that God is protecting us and our connection with all of humanity  in so many ways beyond our understanding that it would be disastrous for us to do otherwise. He can see a catastrophe waiting to happen in the physical, mental,  and emotiona, and spiritual lives of people and how it connects to everyone else. He sometimes asks us to make sacrifices for our neighbors, but always to our ultimate good and never to our detriment.  Rest assured, even if we don’t do God’s Will, He will be bending over backwards to help us.

By way of analogy, I was watching Air Disasters which is a good series on Roku TV.  On one of the episodes, after an exhaustive investigation, the NTSB discovered what was one of the key factors in bringing down the plane that killed hundreds of people: a faulty screw. One screw that was not doing its job. Mary’s yes was the one piece at the center of the wheel of the universe. Without it  our universe would  have spun out of control. Despite what it looks like in your life, despite that it may not look like it means much, say “yes” to God. You could be the piece that saves hundreds of lives.

Reflection – Mary’s Love for Us

Here’s what St. Alphonsus says about Mother Mary :

“The sum total of the love of all mothers for their children can never equal the love Mary has for only one soul…How great our confidence in her! We know her power with God to gain us mercy.”

Our Lady said to St Bridget,

“I am the Queen of Heaven and the Mother of Mercy. I am the door that leads sinners to God. No sinner is deprived of my mercy. No one (except those already in hell) is so cast off by God that he will not return if he invokes my aid. I am the Mother of Mercy. A soul who could have invoked me and did not, will be miserable for all eternity.”

Let us go to Mary to be certain of our salvation. Let us remember that Mary is the Queen of Mercy. She helps even the most abandoned sinners who invoke her.

In heaven, these sinners are her crown. “You shall be delivered from the dens of lions” (Song 4:8)

Meditation – Pray for Family in Purgatory

When I close my eyes to pray the rosary, I often envision a scene from one of the mysteries e.g. The Annunciation or The Crucifixion. For me, the scene is never static as the characters of Jesus, Mary, the saints , and the angels will move and speak. While I was meditating on the Crucifixion, Mary was pointing to the ground beneath the cross of the suffering Jesus. The ground fell through as sand through an hour glass and the scene changed. Mary was taking me down some dark grey, stony steps–way down into packed earth. She communicated to me that I would be seeing different souls in Purgatory.  I saw my father’s hand come out of a swirling miasma of what could have been water or sand.   I said to myself, I want to help him out of there. So, I reached for his hand, and as I did, a plan for prayer and supplication came to me that  I could use to bring him out and to heaven. It seemed his release would happen very soon.

She proceeded to descend, encouraging me to follow her. It was dank, dark and creepy, but I continued out of obedience to the Blessed Virgin Mary.. We came to a spot where was gathered all relatives of mine, some I knew, and some I didn’t. The rocks upon which they were standing glowed orange. There was a relative floating above the rest of them. He was surrounded by a glowing, blue mist, and it was communicated to me that he was in Heaven but was visiting Purgatory through the intercession of the Blessed Mother. He had a long white beard and a sort of a laurel wreath on his head. He was a long dead ancestor.

He told me that I would save our family line. Immediately, I thought to Mary that this was some sort of huge ego trip, and I came out of this meditation.

However, I remembered that November was the month to pray for souls of the dead. And what came to mind was that I had inscribed on my wedding ring this phrase: Pono animas stirpis familiae mea in Corde Immaculato Mariae semper. Amen.  It means: I place my family line in the Immaculate Heart of Mary forever. I say it sometimes, but I think the people in my family line in Purgatory would like me to say it every day, and so I’ve decided to do so.