Marian Days – August


August 5th – Our Lady of the Snows

August 15th – The Assumption of Mary – Holy Day of Obligation

August 22nd – The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Novus Ordo

August 5th – Our Lady of the Snows

August 15th – The Assumption of Mary – Holy Day of Obligation

August 22nd – The Queenship of Mary

Meditating Catholic Mass with Mary through the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary 1

Here is what St. Peter Julian Eymard says about meditating the Mass from St. Peter Julian Eymard’s Holy Communion, the 2nd Volume of the Eymard Library, Method of Hearing Holy Mass by Meditating on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ:

“For as often as you shall eat this Bread, and drink the Chalice, you shall show the death of the Lord until He come “(1 Cor 11:26)


“In order to hear Holy Mass with profit, meditate on the events of the Savior’s Passion which it so wonderfully renews.”

I have been attempting to meditate the Mass, but have gotten some resistance from others who insist that I should be following the Mass in the Missal. I believe they obtained this advice from another saint in the Catholic Church, Pope Pius X, who said that in order to hear Mass with profit, one should carefully pray the Mass from the Missal with the priest.

Since two separate methods have come down to us from two separate saints, I have concluded that either one is acceptable to God. And as I gravitate towards meditating the Mass, myself, and have added the presence of Mary with Jesus throughout, I share my own experience of this lesser known way to assist at Mass.

When Pope Pius XII wrote the encyclical “Mediator Dei,” he said that during the Mass, the congregation “can lovingly meditate on the mysteries of Jesus Christ or perform other exercises of piety or recite prayers which, though they differ from the sacred rites, are still essentially in harmony with them” (No. 108).

I’ve included the above quote and link in order to allay any fears regarding reciting the rosary at Mass, so that you would be free to follow my method if it is something that strikes your own heart and way to Jesus Christ at Mass.

  1. A little before Mass begins, I find Mary. Where is Mary? She is in the tabernacle with Jesus. She is continually guarding, loving, and worshiping Him. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. She loves Him so much forever. She is surrounding His Body with her womb. She never leaves Him: once the Mother of Jesus, always the Mother of Jesus. Blessed art thou among women and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
  2. I talk at the tabernacle to her because she is in or around it. I give her my heart and ask her to give it to Jesus. Also, I make my petition for the Mass and ask her to pray my petition for me to Jesus Christ at the Consecration because it is the most powerful time in the world to petition, thank, praise, or ask forgiveness of God. Mary will bring my prayers to Jesus, but the prayers will be perfected by her and make Our Lord very happy.
  3. Then, I start saying the First Sorrowful Mystery of the rosary which is The Agony in the Garden. I begin just before the priest comes out. I usually envision going to the Garden of Gethsemane where there is a fence between Jesus and me. I think it is because it mirrors the Communion rail at the altar. Out of respect for this most sacred place, my subconscious mind erects a fence. I greet our sorrowful Savior, and He tells me to go to His Mother. I see her a ways off and run to her side where I kneel and lean up against her. I talk to Jesus through her. I ask her to say the things I would say to Him if I had her Immaculate Heart, so that I will please Him and not injure Him any further as He is in great anguish when I’m there. I envision Him sweating blood. Of course, it goes without saying that your own vision will be instructive and superior for you. Jesus reaches out to each one of us with all His Love with respect to individuality.
  4. I notice that the priest has started the Mass. He is saying the Confiteor, alternating the recitation of it with the altar boys. It says to me, because the priest is taking the place of Jesus, that he is taking on our sins in the garden. He is bowing to God for us. He is asking forgiveness of God for sins He has never committed, but they are His now because He has taken them upon Himself.
  5. The altar servers are attending Him and also saying the Confiteor. But their “I’m sorry” to God is not enough, and it needs Jesus’s I’m sorry to make it all right. The priest’s Confiteor is to make up what we, His apostles, lack; for although the Apostles were with Jesus in spirit that night, they were asleep in the flesh. “Could you not watch one hour with me?”
  6. It is true today as it was then. There is only so much and no more that we will all give to Christ Jesus unless He is the only one alive in you like He was with Mary. She was full of grace which means she was full to overflowing of God’s life in her. We are vessels that only do our duty to hold Jesus Christ within us, half-heartedly. I am put in mind of some of the names for Mary in The Litany of Loreto: Spiritual Vessel, pray for us. Vessel of honor, pray for us. Singular Vessel of Devotion, pray for us.
  7. The priest then recites the Introit at the right side of the altar and then recites the Kyrie Eleison in the center of the altar. It seems to me Jesus is taken from the Garden of Gethsemane on the right as the Introit is being recited. Introit means enter. He leaves the garden and enters into his public Passion. He is brought to the center as He was in life. He is asking God for mercy for us as he says the Kyrie Eleison.(to be continued)

Mother Mary, protectress of the United States – July 2 and 4

July 2nd is the feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Traditional Catholic Church. Independence day should have been July 2nd as Independence was voted in on that day. John Adams, our second president, even remarked that July 2nd would go down in history and would be marked with festivities and fireworks. However, although the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th was chosen as the country’s birthday, it is i interesting and comforting to note that Mary had her hand in the declaration of the United States as an independent country from the very beginning.

In fact, Mary’s mantle over the United States continues to be confirmed throughout US history. In 1792, Bishop John Carroll of Maryland made the first consecration to Mary under the title of the Immaculate Conception. In 1846, US Bishops at the Sixth Provincial Council in Baltimore, Maryland, reaffirmed the choice of Mary as the patroness of The United States of America under the title of The Immaculate Conception. Later on, on November 19, 1959, Cardinal O’Boyle of Washington D.C. consecrated America to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Furthermore,, on November 11, 2006, the Bishops, gathering at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception at noon, again consecrated our country to the Blessed Mother under the title of The Immaculate Conception. Finally, in light of the COVID 19 pandemic, on May 1st 2020, Archbishop Jose H Gomez effected a reconsecration to Our Lady for both Canada and the US.

Finally, for me personally and maybe for others, the Statue of Liberty, standing in the harbor of New York City, is highly representative of Mary standing guard at the portal of our nation. Even the inscription of the poem by Emma Lazarus is quintessential Mary:

The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Mother Mary of Exiles, pray for us!

Poem in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – June 20, 2020

On my way to honor her Immaculate Heart

Veils of sorrow, gold light and violet incandescence

I, sweeping by,

Brushing through,

Experiencing a fragile elegance beyond imagining

Were it not for a miracle of God

These gossamers would completely dissolve

And wither away

At the intrusion of my darkened soul

Upon this sacred, unguarded space

Filigrees woven of precious tears, longings, smiles, ecstasies, and other

Of Mary’s life

And the total annihilation of her self at the Cross

When her heart was murdered by the piercing—

The torture of her Son, God.

Flowers of unfading and unending beauty appear

In a field of dreams, on my way to her throne, her Heart

I walk, wondering if I can —

No, I cannot.

Who can envision the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

So I leave a violet there at the entrance

It’s picked so she’ll know the difference

From the wild, angelic ones in the field

I know she is smiling at me.

My heart

Light and happy

Venerable Archbishop Sheen, please make a miracle for my sons, my nephews, and my nieces! Dearest Mother Mary, please intercede to make Bishop Sheen a saint!

Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen was famous for his television series, Life is Worth Living, which ran from February 12, 1952 to April 8, 1957 in which he proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ through stirring sermons and stories. He was noted for his dedicated spiritual life, particularly for a daily Holy Hour of prayer before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. His courage in boldly preaching Christ Jesus and the Catholic faith to not only Catholic but secular radio and television audiences cannot be disputed. Venerable Archbishop Sheen was also hailed for his humorous and charismatic delivery of his fascinating lectures.

According to the diocese of Peoria, Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen’s cause for beatification has been postponed even though a miracle has been investigated and has been attributed to him. Furthermore, the diocese of Peoria claims that there have been many more miracles attributed to him. I need to ask him for one more and pray for his canonization. My husband and I are starting today on June 11, 2020 which is the day he was consecrated a bishop and which today happens to be the feast day of Corpus Christi. We will be saying the canonization prayer and asking for a 7-fold miracle (With God all things are possible!!!) until December 9, 2020 which is the day he died and which happens to be the 31st wedding anniversary of my husband and myself. We will be starting our prayers today on the feast of Corpus Christi at a Holy Hour of Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament at our church.

The steps for becoming a saint are these:

  1. After a person has died, the title of Servant of God must be declared by a bishop
  2. The Pope must propose beatification for the person
  3. The person ‘s life and deeds will be scrutinized by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to see if that person lived a life of “heroic virtue”. If the Congregation passes the person, the case is then presented to the Pope who makes the final decision. If the Pope signs off on the Congregation’s findings, the person is given the title of “Venerable”
  4. In order to proceed to beatification (to earn the title of Blessed) at least one miracle must have occurred through the intercession of the deceased person. This miracle is scrutinized by the Congregation and signed off by the Pope.
  5. In order to further proceed towards canonization, there must be another miracle which the Congregation examines and the Pope signs off on. if he does, the person will be canonized a saint.

Some other caveats are:

1 Those who prayed for the miracle that occurred had to have only prayed to the deceased person in question.

2. There is a wait of 5 years before a case for eventual canonization can be made.

3. The Pope can waive the 5 year wait period. Pope John Paul II waived it for Mother Teresa and Pope Benedict XVI waived it for Pope John Paul II. Both Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II are now saints.

Prayer for Canonization

Through the intercession of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception

Heavenly Father, source of all holiness, You raise up within the Church in every age men and women who serve with heroic love and dedication. You have blessed Your Church through the life and ministry of Your faithful servant, Archbishop Fulton J Sheen. He has written and spoken well of Your Divine Son, Jesus Christ, and was a true instrument of the Holy Spirit in touching the hearts of countless people.

If it be according to Your Will, for the honor and glory of the Most Holy Trinity and for the salvation of souls, we ask You to move the Church to proclaim him a saint. We ask this prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


Eternal Father, You alone grant us every blessing in Heaven and on earth, through the redemptive mission of  Your Divine Son, Jesus Christ, and by the working of  the Holy Spirit. If it be according to Your Will, glorify Your servant, ARCHBISHOP FULTON J. SHEEN, by granting the favor I now request through his prayerful intercession (mention your request). I make this prayer confidently through Jesus Christ,our Lord.  Amen.

June 8, 2002 – Feast Day – Immaculate Heart of Mary – The day my mother died – Memorial – Song

My mother adored Mary. When mom prayed, she talked to Mary as if she were her best friend and neighbor. It was highly appropriate that she died on the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She was an organist and singer. Her soprano voice was the most beautiful voice I ever heard and that includes all famous sopranos. She played and sang many weddings and always counseled the brides to choose the Ave Maria for one of the songs at the wedding.

Her grandmother was named Immaculata after the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She also adored Mar,y, and she died at the moment of The Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary. My mother went to sing for the crowning, and when she returned, she found my great grandmother sitting up straight in a chair, with a rose on top of her head, dead. It was some kind of miracle because also great grandma knew and often said that she would die in the month of May, the month of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

When mom was 3 years old, she used to play the organ and sing for her Immaculata’s rosary group. They all clapped for her as if she was an absolute maestro, but she was just plunking on the keys and pretending to sing something. Regardless, it inspired my mother to be an organist and singer, and she made her living, along with my father, who also had a beautiful tenor voice, as a church musician. All their lives, my mother and father played and sang for Mass – so many Ave Marias. – On my mom’s gravestone is: “I will trust in the covert of thy wings” and on Dad’s gravestone, right next to her’s, is: Alleluia, Amen.