Miracle Stories

Please send your own Mother Mary miracle stories to me at bcomary@yahoo.com and I will post them. They can be anonymous if you like.

Colon Cancer Miracle

My own mother was very close to Mother Mary. When Mom became ill, she went in for a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with colon cancer. She was scheduled for an operation where the surgeon was going to remove part of her colon and re-attach the remaining colon. The doctor did not know what the outcome of the surgery would be . He explained to her that if the surgery was extensive, he may have to attach her colon to a bag that she would need to wear and change on the outside of her body.

My mother was horrified and begged the doctor to do everything he could to prevent the bag scenario. When the time came for the operation, the whole family lit candles all over our house and prayed the 15 decade rosary for Mary’s intercession during the surgery so that Mom would not need to wear a bag. When she came out of surgery, she said the first thing she heard and felt was the doctor grabbing her hand and shaking it, saying, “No bag, Jo. No bag.”

But the real miracle was revealed when she returned for a follow-up colonoscopy. The person who performed her first colonoscopy was the same person to do the second colonoscopy. She told Mom that she couldn’t believe what she saw because she knew the surgery would only prolong her life but not stop the cancer because it was all over her colon. She was amazed to see that the cancer was totally gone.