Meditation – Pray for Family in Purgatory

When I close my eyes to pray the rosary, I often envision a scene from one of the mysteries e.g. The Annunciation or The Crucifixion. For me, the scene is never static as the characters of Jesus, Mary, the saints , and the angels will move and speak. While I was meditating on the Crucifixion, Mary was pointing to the ground beneath the cross of the suffering Jesus. The ground fell through as sand through an hour glass and the scene changed. Mary was taking me down some dark grey, stony steps–way down into packed earth. She communicated to me that I would be seeing different souls in Purgatory.  I saw my father’s hand come out of a swirling miasma of what could have been water or sand.   I said to myself, I want to help him out of there. So, I reached for his hand, and as I did, a plan for prayer and supplication came to me that  I could use to bring him out and to heaven. It seemed his release would happen very soon.

She proceeded to descend, encouraging me to follow her. It was dank, dark and creepy, but I continued out of obedience to the Blessed Virgin Mary.. We came to a spot where was gathered all relatives of mine, some I knew, and some I didn’t. The rocks upon which they were standing glowed orange. There was a relative floating above the rest of them. He was surrounded by a glowing, blue mist, and it was communicated to me that he was in Heaven but was visiting Purgatory through the intercession of the Blessed Mother. He had a long white beard and a sort of a laurel wreath on his head. He was a long dead ancestor.

He told me that I would save our family line. Immediately, I thought to Mary that this was some sort of huge ego trip, and I came out of this meditation.

However, I remembered that November was the month to pray for souls of the dead. And what came to mind was that I had inscribed on my wedding ring this phrase: Pono animas stirpis familiae mea in Corde Immaculato Mariae semper. Amen.  It means: I place my family line in the Immaculate Heart of Mary forever. I say it sometimes, but I think the people in my family line in Purgatory would like me to say it every day, and so I’ve decided to do so.

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