Reflection – Mary’s Love for Us

Here’s what St. Alphonsus says about Mother Mary :

“The sum total of the love of all mothers for their children can never equal the love Mary has for only one soul…How great our confidence in her! We know her power with God to gain us mercy.”

Our Lady said to St Bridget,

“I am the Queen of Heaven and the Mother of Mercy. I am the door that leads sinners to God. No sinner is deprived of my mercy. No one (except those already in hell) is so cast off by God that he will not return if he invokes my aid. I am the Mother of Mercy. A soul who could have invoked me and did not, will be miserable for all eternity.”

Let us go to Mary to be certain of our salvation. Let us remember that Mary is the Queen of Mercy. She helps even the most abandoned sinners who invoke her.

In heaven, these sinners are her crown. “You shall be delivered from the dens of lions” (Song 4:8)

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