Dream – Glowing Footsteps

I saw her at the top of the hill near Notre Dame School. She motioned for me to follow her. She was dressed in all white, and I didn’t know who she was at the time. She was just a tiny, beautiful girl dressed all in white with a white kerchief on her head. She started down the steep hill on the side of the school. As she went, her footsteps glowed and made a little path for me to follow. We rounded the corner at the bottom, and I saw Notre Dame Church. It was then that I knew where she was headed and I said to myself, “Oh, she’s Mother Mary.”

She went into the church and led me down the side aisle where she pointed to the tabernacle. She had an urgent look on her face which seemed to suggest that if I didn’t get it—that it was important—I’d miss an awful lot, somehow. At the time, being not too religious, I didn’t know who lived in the tabernacle. When I got older, though, and had my conversion from sometimes Catholic to full-blown Catholic, I learned about it and visited my dear Jesus many times there.Dream – Glowing Footstepsinheritclosedclosed74-revision-v1™¥ð2

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